Is there a plan to make default chart a little bit more usable?

i only use some charts from the default built in chart in OH2.

But since OH2 it´s not usable anymore. On OH1 you could change some parameters to change size of the chart, but in OH2 this functionality is gone. So it´s always very very small - not usable on a high resoultion display.

Is there a chance to only bring back the small functionality of OH1 chart? I don´t want to install influxdb, grafana and so on only for my few charts, it´s a bit oversized for this case. Only making the default chart a little bit more bigger would be enough.

Any chance to get this done in future?

In fact, this belongs only to basic UI :slight_smile:

(but I would also appreciate the possibility to control the size of simple charts…)

I am still looking for corresponding configuration entries.

Why is this so a big problem to bring back basic functionality from openhab1 charts?

In Classic UI charts are more bigger, so you can red it better. But in Basic UI, its very very small.

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Maybe there is a solution, but no further information about this yet: