Is there a portable switch (sth like the Shelly Button 1) which can access a relay (sth like the Shelly 1) directly without the need of a server?

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I was wondering if there is sth like described in the title available on the market. Since i did not find anything on my own i was hoping to get a more educated opinion on the topic from someone who has a better overview about the available devices and implementations.
Lets get to the situation: I wanna make a connection between a lightbulb (wired with a relay) and a switch and it should work even when my openhab server (or any other hub) is down :ok_man:
Thank you for reading and to all who contribute to this forum!

Does it have to be a relay? For example, you can directly pair IKEA Tradfri remotes with Tradfri bulbs (Zigbee protocol).

Apologies for the in flight edits. My original question was whether the OP already had a relay.

I don’t have a relay neither a switch but want to buy both if there’s a way to get it work like described

So is IKEA an option for you? Here’s a kit, or you can buy the switch and bulb separately if you need a different bulb type…

Yeah this seems to fit perfectly. Thank you so much! :partying_face:

One option in Germany would be Homematic. In the case of Homematic it’s possible to connect buttons directly to other components (relays, switches, thermostats, etc…) or via a central unit called CCU. If you connect components directly they will work even if the CCU and openHAB are down, I never tested if that also works if you establish the connection via the CCU :thinking:

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