Is there a REST API or some direct way to detect thing / device online NOT by discovery(binding scan)?

I notice that in OH2, thing has status as ONLINE sometimes.

I understand we can use discovery, as binding scan -> inbox approve, to know whether the device is online.

But for OH2, is there a convention / general way for OH2 to test whether a device is ONLINE?
Meaning, without discovery by binding scan, by some REST API I still can know whether a device is online to receive control command like On/Off.

Thank you.


I notice GET thing API can get repsonse with thing status. But I think I will NOT trigger polling if the device support polling.

For example, hue bridge, it can configured to poll every 10 seconds.
if I want to check whether the device is ONLINE. I have to wait that polling period. I can NOT get result immediately.

So is there a way to immediately trigger binding to check whether a device is ONLINE directly?

Thank you.