Is there a simple way to distinguish events within a rule?

Hello Community,

I have (again) maybe a simple Problem. I have one rule that hast to possible triggers, which are adressed in the when statement …

when Item HueSensMotion2 changed to ON or
       Item LCN_WC_Relay_HUE_WC_Switch changed from ON
then { ...

So after triggering this rule the lights will go on and a timer will start to switch off the light after a defined time. When motion is detected again, the timer will be retriggered and will start again. This still works fine.
Now I want to switch off the light, when it is on and the relay close again. For this purpose I need to decide which event has triggered the rule … but, and this is the problem … I don’t know kow … :pensive:

If there is a simple way to solve this problem, I would be happy to hear about.

Thanks and stay healthy

Take a look at the implicit variables section in the rules doc

It sounds like triggeringItem is what you are looking for. is what you are looking for. See this example of mine:

rule "Zeit des Offline-Gehens einer Bridge"
    Item Netzwerk_Bettlampe_Online changed to OFF or
    Item Netzwerk_BrennstuhlBridge_Online changed to OFF or
    Item Netzwerk_TadoBridge_Online changed to OFF
    logInfo("Rule triggered", Dateiname + ": \"Zeit des Offline-Gehens einer Bridge\": " +"_Online", "").replace("Netzwerk_", ""))"Online", "OfflineSeit").sendCommand(now.toString)

Thanks to all, that is exactly what I’m looking for.

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