Is there a startup file for karaf commands in OH2?

I tend to re-install my OH2 every now and then, be it that I fetch a new snaphost, be it that I hack on some code for a bit. Sometimes, especially during development, it becomes necessary to have a clean installation by throwing away the complete etc and / or conf directories.

Long question short, is there a startup file I can put some karaf commands into, e.g. “log:set blah” or similiar?

Not that I am aware of.
But in general you can configure everything through files, so why don’t you simply edit your logging config and copy your custom version over the new installation?

I’ve done this, but I’ve not tried anything more complex yet.

From openhab directory
./runtime/karaf/bin/client list

Perhaps you can do this?

From openhab directory
./runtime/karaf/bin/client “log:set blah”

That is what I do, but I thought maybe there is some way which might be “cleaner” :smile: