Is there a way of stopping the web browser scrolling IE / Chrome

Is there a way of stopping the openhab web interface from scrolling on a Windows Desktop Browser?
My interface is way over 1 screen tall and the only way I can access the lower down stuff is via my iphone as the desktop version continuously scrolls back to the top

I think this has come up many times before… As far as I know there is no fix for OpenHAB 1.x…

The way I dealt with it is to break my sitemap up into smaller bits so a single page is never taller than my screen :slight_smile:

Don’t suppose there are any examples on how to do it? I’ve already got it split into sections in the sitemap but it appears as one long list in sections

I do see same and annoying problem on OH 1.8.3 :angry:
Any possibilities to fix it ?

Some times it is hard to divide sitemaps in many sections.

Only way I’ve found around this is to have my main items on the top half of the page, using the visibility option to keep the size down to active items. Below that I have clickable sections that lead to other pages. It means I have a very short time to select another page before it scrolls back up. Most of the time I use my mobile which doesn’t have this problem.
Also dimmer sliders don’t work on the web browser but do on the mobile so I’ve put them on a seperate page for when the item is active so I don’t accidentally click on them