Is there a way to detect no longer running Astro binding?

I have a very strange problem with OH 2.1/Astro binding.

For me it looks like the Astro binding schedules cron jobs for its events. The cron job will then handle this.
Sometimes it happen, that the Astro binding does not schedule the cron jobs for next day. So no actions will be done by Astro event anymore.

If I edit the astro thing file, the astro crons will be reinitialised and working. Until the next time something happened. (Nothing in log about crashing of Astro binding)

Is there a way to check if Astro events are still in cron database by a rule and restart it if needed.

So this is a known problem that has been fixed in the 2.2 snapshot. So you need to ask yourself whether you want to spend the effort developing a workaround to this or spend your time upgrading to a newer version of OH, or at least the newer Astro binding instead.

If you want to go for the work around the following might work:

Create a DateTime Item linked to the sunrise event.

Create a Rule that triggers sometime after midnight. Make sure it is long enough after midnight that Astro has had a chance to run.

In this rule check to see if the sunrise DateTime is after now. If it is you know that Astro ran. If it is before now you know it did not run and you can use an executeCommandLine to touch the .items file where your Astro Items reside which should kick start Astro to rerun.

If you want to update just the Astro binding, search the forum and you should find instructions for where to download and install the latest Astro binding.

The easiest would be to just upgrade the whole shebang to the latest snapshot.

Are we sure it’s fixed in 2.2??? I’m still seeing issues with the Astro binding not firing.

The issue that was opened to fix it was closed and I’ve not seen the problem since I upgraded to 2.2 SNAPSHOT.

Confirmed. Snapshot runtime (and astro binding) 2.2 have no issues anymore. At least I don’t have any with my setup :grinning: