Is there a webpage proxy tool for use in basicui?

Platform information:
    Hardware: Processor:Intel Q8200 / RAM:7.8GB / storage:728.6GB
    OS: Debian 9 (Stretch) 4.9.0-4
    Java Runtime Environment: 8
    openHAB version: 2.4.0-1
Issue of the topic: Is it possible to load a webpage through basicui

On my openhab server, there is a private network that is not accessible from the internet. This is for security purposes. The smart devices are all on the private network.

Some of these devices serve a website (e.g. an ip camera that has streaming and controls through a webpage). I want to access those sites, via the openhab basicui. I cannot do this with Webview because Webviews are loaded by the client.

So is there a way to proxy through the openhab server to access those webpages?

No, the cloud connector and only proxies the OH rest API. It’s not a generic proxy.

As Rich already mentioned, OH apparently can’t proxy webviews. However it proxies images, so you can make an image of your HTML page and out it in your sitemap. This would proxy to remote