Is there an infrared heater manufacturer that can be controlled with openhab?

Does anyone know of a manufacturer of infrared heaters where I can turn the heater on and off and regulate the temperature in Open Hab?
Does anyone happen to know whether Königshaus goes?

If possible, it should be available in Germany :slight_smile:


Well, I’m not sure but when I’m looking at devices like those, I prefer to look for the dumb kind that you can set it to “ON” and then add a smart plug to turn it on or off.


As Pedro_Liberal said, it’s cheaper & ofter easier to make a dumb device smart than to try to get smart device work the way you want it.

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Welcome back spotty! :slight_smile:
@gene since you haven’t added any further details, I’ll add some myself.
Let’s say you want to turn on/off the infrared heater.
First you’d want to get a temperature sensor ( understand that Infrared sensors work differently from the convection ones) place it somewhere where you will usually stay at.
Then when you have your smart plug you’ll have to create a simple rule which will look at the temperature from the sensor, and based on that, act on the plug.
“If temperature < 19 degrees, turn on smart socket”.
Assuming the heater is dump, once the socket is turned on, the heater will also be on.

As for which sensors, check out the Shelly ones. Seem to be local, openHAB has a binding, and they also give you humidity readings.

Good luck @gene !

i have all KNX in my House with Temprature Sensors in all Rooms.
I Think all Infraret Heaters can only on/off? no one can 200-1000 Watt change or?

so i think i only need a mqtt Plug? Mqtt works direct over wifi with my open Hab? or need a HUB like phillips hue?
When i use a Plug i think its good when it also have a watt measurement
Any tipps for this?
first i look at the shelly ones and check the binding.

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:


Feedback from me.
i Used Shelly for the on of and my KNX for the Temprature.

Works :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Sorry for not replying the previous questions, I didn’t notice them.
For your information, Shelly also has devices with power metering :slight_smile: