Is there any accurate indoor positioning system? Please show me how?

Hi friends I am using Oh2 on raspberry pi 3 and really happy with what it is capable of!!
But is there anyway to locate exactly the position in my room/house? Please show me some ideas.
p.s: I searched this forum and found that FIND is good option but I had trouble installing it on my Rasp, so I think using beacons is one of the best option, but I dont have any basic knowledge about setting up such a network of beacons to locate the position, as well as how to make a beacon device? If I had a bunch of beacons, how to make those devices recognizable by my raspberry pi 3?
Thanks in advance

Position of what, people? cats? vacuum cleaner?
Googling for ‘indoor position system’ throws up lots of stuff, like this

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Dear friend,
I mean everything/everyone that can be attached with beacons, like estimote devices.
Thanks for your quick reply, I am reading on it.

p.s: @rossko It seems like this Pozyx board is way too expensive for a highschool student like me =.=, any other ideas?

About 41 million. Most of it is commercial systems, but you should look yourself
More DIY example

I don’t think you will be able to do this for pennies.

I had FIND running on my Intel NUC and was actually quite surprised by its accuracy. It’s not 100% and I only tested for a short while. The main problem that I had was that the Find App on my Anroid phone seemed to only work when it’s in the foreground and not when it’s in the background.

I’m no so much interested in knowing who is in which room of my house. My use case is that I want to automatically show the sitemap of the room that I am in. (Basically, using the sitemap visibility parameter; I have this part working)

I still need to test find-lf which seems perfect for this. It does not require an app on your phone. It uses a few RPi’s to pinpoint wifi connected devices (e.g. phone or tablet) and then calculates in which room the device is.

This looked interesting when I was doing some research a while back…

Hi guys, maybe it’s a bit late, but I have found localino works nicely.
They have arduino compatible indoor Location devices under

Its way more affordable and the cool thing is,you really have access to the Microcontroller and not only the API. Also, you don’t need an additional Raspberry or so for the devices, they range via UWB, communicate via WiFi and broadcast the results to my control application. I have used their Python code to start… Works like charm.

I use their pieces to control my roomba. Accuracy is in cm range after I calibrated them. Without calibration its about 20-30cm, which is still awesome!