Is there anyway to autohide top-bar Habpanel?

Hi friends I’m using Habpanel and it’s so wonderful.
But the top-bar does make me feel irritated because I can not display completely my dashboard. Is there anyway to autohide it? I want it just show up when we drag/hover the mouse around the top corner area.
Thanks in advance :smiley:

add ?kiosk=on to the end of the URL


So I have been reading through various discussions that advise setting kiosk=on parameter to hide the top bar.

But frankly speaking I have never been able to make it working - it just does not change anything.
I am using:

  • latest unstable daily build of openHAB
  • Safari, Chrome on MacOS, Chrome on Android, Chrome on IOS
  • my url is something like: https://openhab_host/habpanel/index.html?kiosk=on

What am I doing wrong? What effect do you exactly observe by adding kiosk=on to your urls?


This only works when you’re already displaying the desired dashboard, i.e. the URL should be something like:


You will be unable to scroll or bring the side drawer into view in this mode. Normally this is for situations where you don’t need to switch to another dashboard (you can however do it with buttons).

Thank you very much, I understand it now and it is working fine.