Is this possible to use Apple Homekit control to control a homekit device to control a non-homekit device

I am new to OpenHab and have a Insteon Hub (not Homekit compatible) and Hue bridge v2 which is Homekit compatible. I have Insteon lights and Hue lights. I would like to use Siri with the Homekit to turn Off or On all lights to include the Insteon.

My thoughts were that I could monitor the state of the Hue lights for all Off/On signal (if any) and when detected switch the Insteon lights accordingly. Or, monitor and look for a series of all the Hue light Off/On commands and then control the Insteion lights accordingly. I have not come across any guide to what data I can mine from the Hue bridge or how I would go about doing this.

The end result is to be able to say “Hey Siri turn all lights off/on” and get the Insteon lights too. Thanks!

I’m not positive, but I believe all you have to do is tag Whatever item it is that you’re trying to control and it will automatically become part of the home kit recognizable items

I’m not sure I follow this. Homekit only interacts the Hue Bridge at the moment as it is the only device on my network that is compatible. Unless OH has a Homekit binding I would think I cannot get Homekit to talk directly to OH. This is why I would need to monitor a Item on the Homekit network that OH can see. In my case it is the Hue Bridge.

I am not sure if I understand you right, but: OpenHab has HomeKit binding. This will allow you to make items , which OpenHab can control, visible to HomeKit.

Example: I have Osram Lightly Plugs connected to the Hue Bridge. These plugs are not visible in HomeKit. Hue makes only the Philips item visible to HomeKit. With OpenHab I use the Hue Binding to get these Plugs into OpenHab. Then I can make them visible to HomeKit.