Is this possible with HABPanel and Openhab?


I’m considering intalling Openhab but i’m not sure what i want is possible.
I have Bticino Myhome SCS home automation, 8xSonos, 4x Kodi, IPX800(pool control), Philips Hue, Surveillance station (6xIP cams), 1xDaikin aicon, Doorbird, 4xPanasonic Tv’s and Pioneer AVR, Global Caché for RSR232 for Home cinema control.

I think there are add-ons for all my stuff, i’m not sure sure if they are all updated for Openhab2, how can i check this?

Beside i have a 18" tablet/touchscfreen in the living room/kitchen and wou like to create a nice dashboard like this:
I have seen some examples of HABPanel but no one with the pages/rooms on the left side like this and clock on the top corner, is this possible?

Thanks you

Anything is possible, but HABPanel is not set-up like this by default.
You’ll have to make changes in the code to make it look like this.

There are bindings for all of these except the pool control (I can’t find anything about that) but if there is an IP or a third party control then OH can hook onto that without much difficulty

Vincent thank you for fast reply.
Good news it is possbile, bad news is i’m not a coder, so i will not be easy, hopefully i’ll get some help from the community :wink:
So the change should be made in a HTML-CSS file right?

As for the IPX800, wich is a IP controled devide I found this:
But like i said, i can’t figure out if it is for OH2 or not.

Yes it is, so no issues there. Even then, most OH1 bindings are usable with OH2

Yes, you may need to compromise a bit on the look of your UI. It’s only a UI in the end.
But like I said, anything is possible

Ok, so i’ll get a micro SD this afternoom and install OH on a spare RP3 and try in the next days…


Hey @jpcolin I would be interested to hear why you are considering changing…