Is V-Tac VT-5119 supported?

I’m very new to the topic of smart homes.
I have bought a V-Tac VT-5119 WiFi Light bulb.
However, I’m not able to find information on the used protocol of this light bulb. It just states that it can work with Alexa and Google.

Can I use it with openHab?
I want to avoid to use the vendor-specific app.

Hope you can help me!


Are you any good with German? It looks like these bulbs use an esp8266, so you might be able to flash it with Tasmota for local only control.

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Thank you!
Fortunately, I’m a German native speaker :smiley:

@Venturina What was the result? Does it work with Tasmota?
Could you fit it with OpenHAB?

May be it’s late to answer but I have made this:
Install Alexa V-tac skill
install OH Alexa control Binding
Import in OH youl Bulb
May be you also need to install OH Cloud Plug-in and OH Alexa skill.