Issue displaying IP-CAM in Habpanel on Android Tablet

For a few weeks I have the situation that I am not able to access the video stream from my Axis Cam via HABPanel on my Android Tablet (Samsung T580). The stream works via HAB Panel on all other devices (PC, iPhone,…) and also on my tablet via Synology App.
Has there happened a change in security settings displaying iFrames on an Android tab with one of the latest Andorid updates?
Does anyone else has the same issue and how did you fix it?

I still have the issue. The MJPG-stream works when I am using other browsers like firefox on my Samsung tablet. But I prefer Chrome, because on other browsers size of letters and icons looks a bit strange. I had a look at the settings of Chrome but was not able to find something that helps.

Hi @Knallfrosch,

have you been able to solve this issue?
I am struggling with the same problem on my Xido X111 tablet

unfortunatly not. Next week I plan to migrate my old OH2 installation from my PI3 to the new Synology NAS. OH2 is already running there, but many divices need to be migrated. Than I will tray again. I already have thought of using imperihome on my tablet. Although I would prefer to use the Habpanel. With my test setup I was able to integrate the status of all windows (open/closed) kodi, hama radio, hue´s, homematic temperatur sensors, fibaro wall plugs, …