Issue list

It would be nice to have a list of Issue trackers, to see, where a specific issue should be reported. There are many different places to report an issue, and it’s not really easy to understand, which place is the right one. I think this list could be sticky here, or (at least) there should be a page at about that.


eclipse/smarthome - core features of the framework, like: Rule Engines, Items, Things management, Paper UI, Basic UI etc. Also all bindings from Eclipse SmartHome

openhab2-addons - all Add-ons/extensions for openHAB 2.x - bindings, voice, etc.

openhab1-addons - all Add-ons/extensions for openHAB 1.x - actions, bindings, transformations, persistence etc.

openhabian - everything openhabian-related

openhab-docs - documentation

All repositories of the project are listed here.


I guess Smarthome Designer is also eclipse/smarthome?