Issue with adding Philips Hue Motion Sensor directly with Zigbee Binding

Hello everyone,

I picked up a couple Philips Hue Motion Sensors, mainly because of the built in Temperature and Lux sensor, but also because of the reportedly long battery life of 2+ years per pair of AAA batteries, I thought that would be great compared to my current Sonoff motion sensors that need replacement batteries every 3-6 months. All the other topics I found were either 3+ years old, or using the Philips Hue Binding with the Hue Hub.

I have a HUSBZB-1 Zigbee/Z-wave stick that I use for all my zigbee and singular z-wave device currently (6 door sensors, 3 motion detectors, and z-wave light controller)

I thought it would be as easy as it was with pairing the other devices, I placed the Philips Hue into pairing mode, hit Scan under the Zigbee binding in OpenHab, it immediately found the device and added it. Then I went into the device and under Channels to get the zigbee channel details which I copied alongside my other working sensors, but no go, everything about it is showing as NULL.

I really don’t want to have to get a Philips Hue Bridge just for a few motion sensors unless I absolutely have to, but thought I’d check here in case something I’m doing is wrong, or needs to be done differently.

Here’s my sensors.items file with a working motion sensor on top, and the philips hue motion sensor underneath

// Working Sonoff Motion Sensor
Switch     Sensor_BL_LaundryMotion              "Laundry Motion Sensor"               {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:00124b00245d3ea3:00124B00245D3EA3_1_motion"}
Switch     Sensor_BL_LaundryMotionIntrusion     "Laundry Intrusion Sensor"            {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:00124b00245d3ea3:00124B00245D3EA3_1_intrusion"}
Switch     Sensor_BL_LaundryMotionBatt          "Laundry Motion Sensor Low Battery"   {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:00124b00245d3ea3:00124B00245D3EA3_1_iaslowbattery"}

// Working Sonoff Door Sensor
Contact    Sensor_UL_BathroomDoor               "Bathroom Door Sensor"                {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:00124b0022d17cb0:00124B0022D17CB0_1_contact1"}
Switch     Sensor_UL_BathroomDoorBatt           "Bathroom Door Low Battery"           {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:00124b0022d17cb0:00124B0022D17CB0_1_iaslowbattery"}

// Non-Working Philips Hue Motion Sensor
Number     Sensor_UL_BathroomTemp               "Bathroom Temperature [%.1f °C]"      {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:001788010bccb37b:001788010BCCB37B_2_temperature"}
Switch     Sensor_UL_BathroomOccupancy          "Bathroom Motion Sensor"              {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:001788010bccb37b:001788010BCCB37B_2_occupancy"}
Number     Sensor_UL_BathroomLuminance          "Bathroom Luminance"           {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:001788010bccb37b:001788010BCCB37B_2_illuminance"}
Number     Sensor_UL_BathroomMotionBatt         "Bathroom Motion Sensor Battery"      {channel="zigbee:device:7e7c171ea7:001788010bccb37b:001788010BCCB37B_2_batterylevel"}

And channel details under the Things page on the OpenHab interface

Any suggestions?

Just an update, not sure what happened but my google to OpenHAB integration stopped working, so I ended up just rebooting my OpenHAB VM, and it seems to be functioning perfectly now.

I didn’t think that would be an issue since everything else zigbee was functioning fine. No modifications or changes needed on my part. :slight_smile: