Issue with cloud and Echo

I prefer to simplify my setup for reliability so I did a clean install of OH 3.0 via openHABian. Still learning but things are coming along as I start from scratch. Still have more to learn about Semantic Model and adding things without duplicating items.

My main issue is openHAB Cloud / Amazon Echo. I updated the secret and password, cleared out all the old items and logs, and the cloud says I am now online. I have also configured in settings which items should be exposed to cloud. After waiting a day I don’t see any items. I can load the dashboard online and control items, so clearly I’m connected.

2020-12-29 21:53:06.197 [INFO ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Connected to the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = xxxxxx’s, base URL = http://localhost:8080)

Along with showing no items in the OH cloud, the Amazon Echo skill doesn’t detect any items from OH. I have removed the old stuff, removed and re-added the skill, re-authenticated in Amazon to OH cloud. Still no items.

Can anyone tell what I am missing to get items to discover in Echo?

Not sure if that is neccessary, but have you defined Alexa Metadata to you exposed Items?

Oh that was exactly it. I’m trying to do everything in the new way and never saw that. If I understood this better I’d try to write a setup guide for using just the dashboard to configure.
Thank you for your help!

That no longer works and is not needed for Alexa People were exposing Items when they were no necessary & overloading the servers.

Sure wish I could get my echo to talk again. I added a an item for the Speak channel and send it commands. It stays quiet. The log shows:
Item ‘DiningRoomDot_Speak’ changed from to Hello world
and then changes back to blank as you would expect, but the dot sits quietly.

In fact I can’t seem to get the dot to change the volume either. OH log says the volume changed from one value to another, but press the volume buttons and the circle shows it never actually changed. Pressing the buttons on the dot does in fact register volume changes in OH log, so that is coming back as a report. Just can’t change anything it seems.

Anyone else get their Alexa device to respond to commands?

I do see the same issue. I am able to see updates coming from my dot, but anything I try to send is simply ignored. On my ( still existing) 2.5 installation it still works as expected