Issue with Multiple OH instances connecting to single CCU

Hi there,

since I am running two openhab instances (i’m migrating from OH2 normal installation to an OH3 instance running in a docker environment), I am having trouble getting updates from HmIP-STHO (outdoor temp and humidity sensor) and HmIP-SLO (light sensor) sensors. It seems that only one OH instance is able to receive the updates. I can get the other instance to work by restarting the homematic bundle (bundle:restart or bundle:refresh) in the karaf console but this just moves the problem to the other instance. Hope someone can debug this with me. I have no issues whatsover with my Homematic devices, but HM-IP does not seem to be that stable sadly, because I need to expand my setup and would like to go more into HM-IP.

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A CCU is a USB hardware device, correct? If so you cannot have more than one program connected to the device at the same time. You can’t have both OH instances connected, only one at a time.

The CCU is the homematic central unit either hardware or in my case raspberrymatic which controls my homematic and homematic IP devices. It is accessed by the homematic binding via the network.

I hope @MHerbst can have a look into my issue. I recon I am not the only one trying to connect 2 OH instances (i.e a test instance) to a homematic system.

I already know this problem from my OH tests when working on the binding’s code.

After some time with two connected OH instances, I have to restart all OH instances and sometimes also my Raspberrymatic to receive events from HmIP devices again.

Now, I found an interesting hint in the HomeMatic forum. Maybe I this can solve the problem.
I will try to provide a test version of the binding with this change.

Thank you for getting back to me! :slightly_smiling_face: I am really „happy“ that you are aware of the problem I am facing.

Ready to Test whenever you’re ready. Also if I can provide any more useful information let me know.

@Benji I have uploaded a test version here: GitHub - MHerbst/openhab-addons-test

You can try it if you like. A first test looked promising.

@MHerbst I will give it a try right away and should be able to provide feedback quickly… :slight_smile:

With the test version running on the OH3 instance I am receiving the updates in both instances now! Really looking primising :slight_smile:

That’s good news :slight_smile:

It’s been working a whole day now. If you ever come past Bad Sassendorf I’ll invite you to a Kaffee and Kuchen :blush: thank you very much for fixing this so quickly!!

Good to hear that it is working. Now I have to polish it a bit and create a PR for it.

BTW: I only live about 50 km from you (Brilon) :slight_smile: