Issue with Nest Binding

Bought a Nest Doorbell recently, wouldn’t be heartbroken if I couldn’t pull it into openHAB but I figured what the heck I’ll give it a whirl.

I’m on version 3.4.4
I’ve gone through the SDM account thing setup per documentation even have added the discovered doorbell thing. All devices are online and show the proper status per documentation. The only data I’m pulling down are event timestamps. No event images or feed. Checked logging see below. One is a permission denied for image generation but the other for the live feed seems to be the wrong command entirely.

2023-07-10 07:57:28.656 [WARN ] [binding.nest.internal.sdm.api.SDMAPI] - SDM API error: Permission denied to sdm.devices.commands.CameraEventImage.GenerateImage.
2023-07-10 07:57:28.984 [WARN ] [binding.nest.internal.sdm.api.SDMAPI] - SDM API error: Command sdm.devices.commands.CameraLiveStream.GenerateRtspStream not supported.

Edit: I should mention I have latest Nest Wired doorbell, may be different than the Hello.

Looking at the documentation there is a different command for the video stream


After reviewing all documentation this is not due to any misconfigurations. This is simply a stale binding that probably works well with older generation hardware, but not newer gear. What is needed to make this work is further development.

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Hello everyone,
I know, this is an old thread, but I am interested in getting the NEST Doorbell Gen2 working with the NEST Openhab binding. As already mentioned by the OP, the SDM API uses a different command to get the camera stream from the doorbell.
Is there anyone who could change the binding to work with the new doorbell? I would also be interested in helping implementing the changes, so my first idea was to download the addon sources from the github and try to understand, how the binding works.

If you do have any link or further information which could help me getting started, I really appreciate your response.


Hi Oliver,

You’re the first to reply. I’m not a developer by any stretch. One thing I discovered is the events for chime and person detection do indeed work the same as past versions.

With my implementation what I really wanted was a means to use chime event as a trigger event to play a chime on speakers around the home. I was able to achieve this. The other stuff would be neat to have but it really wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Hope that information helps, good luck with your configurations.

Hi Will,

sorry for the late response and thank you for the update on your use-case. I do have a very unhealthy eco-system using google (Nest, TV…), hue (lights), Lutron (light switches), Sonoff (ifan, plugs), Apple (TV) and other products. Most things work fine with mqtt and zigbee2mqtt or available Openhab bindings. The Nest doorbell is connected to my NEST speakers and that works fine, my goal was to get the video shown in the Main UI of openhab and that currently doesn’t seem to work as the binding is not implementing the proper protocol of the NEST Doorbell. I will do more research on this topic, maybe I can borrow something from HomeAssistent :wink:

Thanks and take care.