Issue with switch that don't turn OFF

Hello Community !!

I am just starting to use OH3 to control my Openwebnet installation (F454).

OH3 is installed on a raspberry pi with add-ons/Bindings/ OpenWebNet (BTicino/Legrand) Binding

In the OH3 interface, in the tab “Things” I see the F454 and after a scan i can see some Switches (light) and Automations (Blind)

When i am creating a “Model” with one room and one Blinds and Light inside

i can up and down the blind without issue, but for the light, in can only switch ON but not switch OFF

Do you know if some of you had the same issue, and if there is a simple action to solve it., or an existing post.

Many thx for your help

Probably this issue. Try a different browser on a different device:

Hi Vincent and welcome to the community.
Did you solve this issue ? Was it related to the browser?

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