Issue with "Uninitialized" visibility item (moving from OH1->2)

Hey all,

I’ve been using OH1 for years and now moving to OH2. I have a sitemap item that had a dynamic visibility attached to it. The issue I have is that while I have a state defined for when the vis item is “Uninitialized”, the item won’t show up unless until the vis item gets defined.

I copied this form my OH1 sitemap where it worked, so I’m wondering if maybe the syntax has changed?

Here is the item (actually a pair of items):

Switch item=tvMode mappings=[ON="TV Mode"] visibility=[tvModeVis=="0", tvModeVis=="Uninitialized"]
Switch item=tvMode mappings=[OFF="Normal"] visibility=[tvModeVis=="1"]

Neither of these show up unless I define tvModeVis as either 0, 1, or unless I remove the visibility requirement from the line.

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

You have to replace Uninitialized by NULL.

That was it! Thanks for your help!