Issues creating composite device in Homekit with oH3.4.0

I’m trying to create a composite Homekit device from a Z-Wave smoke/heat/temperature sensor.

If I try to assign TemperatureSensor, SmokeSensor and Battery Homekit accessory types to either the Equipment or the Group item through the UI, then most of the times the UI does nothing. Only once I saw the different accessory settings emerge from the accessory types selected, but eventually only dummy items are created. Updating the group member assignments for the Homekit characteristics does nothing, I have to create them by adding the related metadata to every single item in the Equipment’s Items.

Is this a know issue with oH3.4?

For what it’s worth, the JavaScipt console returns 2 TypeErorrs:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'Gn[n].forEach')

There seem to be issues with rendering the properties in this situation. Here are some screenshots to illustrate the problem. Eventually the config seems to be gone as it is not showing up (even not in code).

Look at the order in which the properties are displayed, and you’ll see some weird things, such as the “Instance” prop appearing twice in one of the device groups.