Issues installing OpenHAB on Synology DS214+

Hi Community,
I have just installed OpenHAB on my Diskstation DS214+. I have followed the instructions and installed Java8 from package center first, downloaded the SPK and installed it. I even rebooted, which was not demanded in te installation guide. However, when starting OpenHAB it opens a very small windows saying something like “Coming soon” but in German and an “OK” button. But clicking the OK button doesn’t do anything. That’s where it ends up.

Any idea what when wrong?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Best regards

Under “Package Center”, check and make sure the package status is “Running.”

If you scroll down you will see the URL listed, typically it’s the IP address of your Synology machine, plus whichever port OpenHAB was installed to, default is 8080.

For example:

Hope this helps, let me know if it works out!


I have the same issue on a DS413j - the package centre does not say “running” as the message “Comming soon” appears when you click “open” on the package.

However, nothing happens after that - even if I leave it completely alone for 30 mins it does not complete startup. Any ideas?

Are you talking about this popup? This is the same message I get when I click the main menu on Synology and select “OH Manager”


However, this is a new feature and is not how you start the OH2 service. In the package center you’ll see “Action” with a drop down menu:

You should be able to select “Run” and start the package, it will often take a few attempts to get the package running, especially after you stop the package or when you reboot the disk station. On rare occasions, it will say failed to run package, but it actually starts. This can be remedied with a reboot of the disk station.

Let me know if that helps!