Issues with Steinel XLED Home - permanently sending updates


I added two Steinel XLED Home to my Z-Wave network and everything was fine right after inclusion. However, after some time both devices started “flooding” my log (see excerpt below, it doesn’t stop until I either reinitialize the device or pull the power plug of the device for a few seconds - and starts again after a few hours). Any idea how to solve this issue?

DEBUG-Log “Flooding”

DEBUG-Log Initialisation:

Thanks Alex

P.S.: I do not have the Controller in Association Group 2 (could cause similar behavior)

The issue seems to be related to polling - after the first time OH starts to poll the device, the procedure never stops.

Hi @arenk,

I’ve just bought one of these for my back garden and found the same issue. Did you find out was causing the device to continually flood the network?



@Maximo no, not yet. At least I made sure to exclude those events in my log files. Of course, this doesn’t stop the z-wave network from being flooded.

log4j2.appender.event.filter.regex.type = RegexFilter
log4j2.appender.event.filter.regex.regex = .(zwave_serial_zstick_xxxxxxxx_serial)((.\n)).
log4j2.appender.event.filter.regex.onMatch = DENY
log4j2.appender.event.filter.regex.onMisMatch = ACCEPT

@hartmood Sure, those are my settings, it’s important to use the HABmin Panel for configuration - I had some issues with for example PaperUI

However, the Steinel devices are still some of the worst z-wave devices I’ve ever had (loosing connection, sending lots of messages,…)


I am having similar problems with the Steinel XLED and PIR 140-2. I bought many of these. It seems to be impossible to master these devices.
I can confirm: Steinel are the worst z-wave devices!!! Totally frustating.

Mine was working quite well although I never understood why there are two luminance values while for me only luminance 2 is working. Or better was working I should say as my installation doesn’t receive any values anymore within the last four weeks - maybe in connection with upgrading to the lastest snapshots releases in this period.

Frank, I’ve also got one of these and found the same issue you have. My first suggestion is to power cycle the unit if that’s easy enough to do. Alternatively group the channels together, it’s only a work around though. But at least you don’t have to keep doing a power cycle.

The log reference is gone but I’m wondering if that is the same or similar to my experience with an L 810 device.
It has an IHF motion sensor which seems to flood the network with motion events (or actually not because I only get OFF events from the alarm_burglar2 channel).
I still need to monitor that behaviour but after a day it seems that it works as unexpected during night but is an issue during the day. Wondering if that is somewhat expected?