Issues with TCP binding even after setting up compatibility layer

Platform information:

  • Hardware:
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04
  • Java Runtime Environment: version-1.8.0_151
  •                                           Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment
  • openHAB version: 2.2.0

Issue of the topic: I am pretty new to OpenHab environment and are looking to install TCP binding in Openhab2. Unfortunately i couldn’t configure it through Paper UI and then came to know that this binding is written for 1.x and will not work in 2.x without the compatibility layer.

So I set up the compatibility layer and tried to install the binding. However this also didn’t yield the intended result and at last, I decided to manually copy the jar to addons folder and add tcp1.cfg (tcp.cfg modified as tcp1.cfg as this was the name appeared in the log file of the events) to configurations directory.

Still, I couldn’t bind/configure anything in the Paper UI (Will I be able to do this so as to create connections and detect the items?).Am I missing anything here? Similarly all persistence are found to be 1.x rather than 2.x. Will I experience the same problem with them as well?

I checked with 2.2.0 on windows and there was no problem.
TCP/UDP Binding 1.11.0 can be installed without any changes.

What kind of initial setup did you choose? Try Standard or for a beginner better Demo.
Don’t install the kar-file in addons.

I work in Ubuntu, not happening there.

I don’t think that it is depending on the OS.

If I recall correctly, 1.x bindings don’t show up in Paper UI.
And yes, all the persistence is 1.x code. But it generally works.