It was fun while it lasted!

That would be least painful route. But imagine a system which can combine events across sub-systems, and allows you to write some interesting rules or solutions. That is a vision of this project. In future there might be AI based apps to detect certain threats, like earth quake, terror attack on public buildings etc.
There is always a value in a Home Automation Bus.

Regarding your support concern, let us hope there are RedHats and Canonicals for OH in the future.

Fedora community is like OH community RedHat picks stable things from Fedora and releases them under RHEL offering, which is commercially supported.

Future is good, let us not troll each other for things that are not working.


Dude… Are you for real ?

I could start by telling you that everyone knows backups are SUPER important as in for ever…
And bla bla bla…

But please show some respect for all the amount of work that has been put into this system. FOR FREE!

And sir you are very disrespectful!! Now be gone :slight_smile:


Welcome to the openHAB Forum.

You just revived a thread that was 9 month and almost forgotten😒


Thanks for the welcome,

Sorry but these kind of folks piss me off big time… Maybe i shouldn’t have had to wake this one up. So I apologize that i couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Per the recent comments, please just let this go without posting further. Doing so boosts it back to the top of the “latest posts” and alerts people who were involved and didn’t mute the topic. No harm done, but best to let the memory fade.

@rlkoshak, can we close this one since the OP departed long ago?