ITEAD Sonoff - soft for openHAB

I wrote software to ITEAD Sonoff switch and i’m sharing it with you
main features:

  • uses MQTT to integrate with openHAB
  • switch configuration is made via web browser
  • optionally you can add ds18b20 temperature sensor to it
  • you can upgrade firmware to newer version if there were such in the future (it was a pain for me to open case each time I wanted to add or fix something in the code)
  • and few others

currently I have 5 switches connected to my openHAB at home and it works stabe.

here it is source,binaries and docs



I’m planning on testing your FW but which Arduino sketch is the right one to use? I don’t have access to nodeMCU in Linux that’s why I ask for the Arduino sketch.

the main sketch is sonoff-firmware.ino but actually, you have to compile all of those sketches from here together

alternative is to upload binary from here eg using esptool should work from linux

latest FW is 0.5.0