Item and sitemap configuration for Homematic roller shutter HmIP-BROLL

Dear Community,

I am struggling with the configuration of a homematic rollersthutter (Type HmIP-BROLL). Can anybody send me an example for the “item” and “sitemap” configuration on a openHAB 2 / Raspberry with a Homematic CCU3?

Problems start with the item definition: item “rollershutter” does not accept the channel taken from the paperUI:
Rollershutter BROLL_OG_Garten_RE “OG Garten RE [%d %%]” (G_HmIP_BROLL) { homematic:HmIP-BROLL:3014F711A0001F9A49XXXXXX:00111A49XXXXXX:3#LEVEL }
returns the following error
“resource”: “/Volumes/openHAB2-conf/items/beschattung.items”,
“owner”: “generated_diagnostic_collection_name#0”,
“code”: “org.eclipse.xtext.diagnostics.Diagnostic.Syntax”,
“severity”: 8,
“message”: “mismatched input ‘:’ expecting ‘=’”,
“startLineNumber”: 3,
“startColumn”: 92,
“endLineNumber”: 3,
“endColumn”: 93

So syntax is probably wrong… How can I detect the correct channel for this item?
How does the corresponding sitemap entry for the rollershutter look like?



You’re trying to link a channel, you have to say so.
{ channel="blah" }

Hi Dominic, welcome in the community.

I can’t help you with a rollershutter item, but here is an example from a window sensor, to give you an impression how the syntax should look like(and as @rossko57 rossko57 said: it starts with channel :wink:) to link a channel:

Number HmIP_SRH_0515_0OPERATINGVOLTAGE "Terrassentuer Operating voltage [%.1f V]" (gHomeMatic) {channel="homematic:HmIP-SRH:3014F711A0001xxxxxxxxxx:0007D70xxxxxxx:0#OPERATING_VOLTAGE"}

If you are using VSC-Editor with openHAB-Extension it should be very easy to create all items from your Thing in less than a second :smile:

Wow! The easiest solutions are the best!! I have been sitting in front of my item definition all morning and did not see this. Now it works, thanks a lot!