Item configuration for IPP binding


I need some help getting the IPP binding working.

I’m using OH2 and managed to set up the printer thing through Paper UI.
But I can’t find the right item configuration.

For the CUPS binding, there is an example that looks like that:

Number Jobs_Queued   "Unfinished print jobs"  { cups="HP_LaserJet_1320#NOT_COMPLETED" }

So I thought the IPP binding is something like that:

Number Jobs_Queued   "Unfinished print jobs"  { ipp="Ipp:Printer:HP_LaserJet_1320:waitingJobs" }

but this doesn’t work. The documentation lacks of an example, so I don’t know what to do.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



you have to bind the item to the channel from the thing.


Number	waitingJobs	"Number of waiting print jobs on the printer [%s]"	{channel="ipp:printer:00dc13ff:waitingJobs"}	
Number 	doneJobs	"Number of completed print jobs on the printer [%s]"	{channel="ipp:printer:00dc13ff:doneJobs"}
Number 	jobs	        "Total number of print jobs on the printer [%s]"        {channel="ipp:printer:00dc13ff:jobs"}

Can somebody give me a hint how the things file has to look like? Nothing in the docu…


Simple example

Thing ipp:printer:00dc13ff “HP Laserjet 6P” @ “Cups-Server” [ url=“”, name=“HP_Laserjet_6P”]

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I think this rul https is wrong. ippfind command return url in this format ipp://printer.local:631/ipp/print but this dont work in binding. I tried everything but canon printer is always OFFLINE.

I tried the same, but no luck:

Thing ipp:printer:HP_Printserver “HP @ Printserver” [name=“xyz”, url=“”, refresh=60]

Thats weird :smiley:

Since it took some time for me to get it working, here a thing configuration that works for me with OH 3.4:

UID: ipp:printer:<thing_name>
label: <thing_label>
thingTypeUID: ipp:printer
  name: <printer_name>
  refresh: 60
  url: http://<cups-ip-address>:631/
location: <your_location>

Please note that <printer_name> has to match the CUPS printer name. E.g., if the cups printer URL is ‘ipp://’, then name is ‘HP-Laser’ and url is ‘’.