Item configuration issue

Hi All,

I am trying to allow certain Items which I use to be able to controllable via Google Assistant. However, i am having issues making the items appear in the Google Home app.

So far I have managed to track my issues down to configuration issues with the items. However, I do not seem to find what exactly the issue could be.

Below is the item file in question, I am trying to make the switch for the Bedroom Lights appear in Assitant.

The way I know that the issue is with this configuration, is because I have made a test item in a separate item file and that one I have managed to link to the app.

Any help would be really apprechiated.

Check the documentation, and presumably your test item. :wink:


should be


In the future, it’s better if you post actual text using code fences. Images are convenient for you to post, but difficult to read. And we can’t copy text out of them to identify where the errors are.


Than you, that was it. I must have been really tired yesterday not to spot it.

Also I was meaning to post the actual code as a text, but I could not find the way to use the code fences. Everything else I tried looked even worse than the screenshot :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the info!

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