Item definition over several lines

OH uses something similiar to java, but not quite and hence I wonder what the syntax is to have item definition span over several lines in the editor. I have some long definitions:

Number Heating_BedRoom_Setpoint_Day (Group_Setpoint_Special,Group_SetPoint,Group_SetPoint_Special_PreHeat_Guests, Group_SetPoint_Special_Morning_Guests, Group_SetPoint_Special_Day_Guests,Group_BedRoom) .........

Which I would like to write like this:

Number Heating_BedRoom_Setpoint_Day 
            Group_BedRoom) ........

If this is not possible I will update the documentation for items.

It’s a good question. Have you tried it out?

I would add that different editors (Win,*nix) may use different newline characters, this may even work for some people and not others.

I use the VisualStudio editor as this is the recommended one these days… (Before the ESH)

It is allowed. I use a three line format myself:

Type Name Label
Icon Groups
{ binding configs }


Number vBasement_RSSI "Basement Node Signal [%d]"
    <network> (gChart, gResetExpire)
    {mqtt="<[mosquitto:rfm69/uber_sensors/basement/rssi:state:default]", expire="5m"}

I know you can split up the { } across multiple lines but am not certain you can do the same for Groups. I have every reason to expect it will work. Try it and let us know.