Item does not trigger on rule change

Good morning,

I have a strange behaviour on my items. Earlier I had my light switch items configured on a written base within items, but since the “old” addon does not work any more I was forced to use a new one, where I need to configure the items via the UI as there is no documentation about the file based configuration.

What I have done is, I have “reused” my old items and have linked them to the new addon channel on the thing within the UI.

When now changing the switch from on to off within my sitemaps all is fine, but as soon as a file based rule is triggering the items to change state with .postUpdate() the state of the switch is changing, but the underlaying action/command which actually switches on/off the light is not triggered.

I assume this has anything to do with the new configuration, but I have no clue what.

Does anyone know this behaviour?


You should use „sendCommand()“ instead of „postUpdate()“ .

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Thanks a lot… This was the magic thing :wink:
Why ever this is like this…


It is vital that it is like this.
It is important that commands are separate from states.
A command is an instruction, “do something”.
A state is a condition report, “it is like this”.