Item expire - notification (action)

Hi all,
i’m on 3.4 and have a problem with a binding that every few weeks does not update items. so my idea is to use the expire add-on to send a twitter bot notification to myself to be notified and simply clear the problem.

With the power of OH3.4, is there a simple way or do i have to setup a rule that triggers on the “expire” NAN change?

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You can use the timestamp update or change profile to see when the items were last updated by the binding.
Based on this you can create a rule to check at a given frequency if there is an update or trigger a notification

You can use a combo of Expire to change the Item to UNDEF or NULL when it’s not updated for a time and then use Open Reminder [3.3.0;3.4.9) to call a rule to send the telegram message when an Item changes to such a state.

In OH 4 I’ve rewritten that rule template and eliminated the need for the Expire. It can be configured to report if the Item doesn’t update or change for a certain amount of time.

That would probably be the easiest right now.

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