*.item file or auto-discovery

I’m a newbie, I’ve been playing around with OpenHab2 for a few weeks/months now and I would like to set up my system.
I have Sonos, Hue and RWE-smarthome components.

What would you guys advise me to do?
Work with the auto-discovery from the paper-ui? Of define all my items manually (via the *.item files).

I have the feeling that the later is a little bit more complex, but gives you a lot more flexibility in the future.

I use items files, but this is primarily because I have a develoment system too which I delete quite often and set up with the current snapshots. The downside is that I cannot edit most of my items via the GUI, I have to use the files-only way.

If you want to have a “production” system where you set up everything once (this can take many weeks, mind you :smile:) and then just use it, it might be easier to use the Paper UI as you don’t need as much as a deep understanding of the inner workings of openHAB.

Also, slight spoiler: I am working on a tool which allows you to create items files from a running system. It could also work with the jsondb save files of the current SNAPSHOT builds…

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I don’t want to rush you… But :wink: any idea when you will Je able to release it? I plan to work on it during the holidays…

Sometime during the next week or so. I need that thing pretty badly myself :smile:

I let OH autodiscover things but manually define the Items in .items files.

So do I!

Sounds interesting. Would this work in both directions? From jsondb to *.items and from *.items to jsondb
I did not have a look at the new db at the moment, but afaik this should be some ascii file.

Edit: at the moment i am discovering things with the GUI, and managing items with files.