Item for everspring sp 103 motion sensor-zwave

Hello. I’m new in openhab. Does anyone can tell me is this correct?
Contact Motion_Sensor "MotionSensor [MAP(] " (group) { zwave=“3:command=sensor_binary,respond_to_basic=true” }
String Motion_Sensor_Battery “MotionSensor Battery [%s]” (gZwaveStats) { zwave=“3:command=battery” }

I don’t have the device, but looking at the database, it looks correct. The only problem I can see is that the map will likely be wrong given you are mapping a contact, the values will be OPEN and CLOSED I think?

Thanky you Chris, I wrote item for motion detector on this way
Switch Motion_Sensor “MotionSensor [MAP(]” (group) { zwave=“3:command=sensor_binary,respond_to_basic=true” }
Number Motion_Sensor_Battery “MotionSensor Battery [%d %%]” { zwave=“3:command=battery”}

The battery status will only be updated every hour or two - it depends on the wakeup time to a large degree.

You should check the debug log to find out what is being received. I’m also not sure that the map is correct since your item is a switch so will report ON/OFF. I don’t know if it will matter, but it won’t work I think as the values 0 and 1 are not returned. If you just want ON and OFF, then I would remove the map file at least until you have the item working.

Anyway, I suggest to look in the log to see what is being received.

You think this? Can you help me to writte item?

Well, if this log is from this device, then the node number is wrong. The error log is showing node 42, but your items are configured for node 3.

I would also suggest changing logging to DEBUG - see the wiki as it is described near the bottom of the page. It will provide more information so we can see what is happening.

Thank you for helping me.

Did you change the node address in your item definition? This is for node 42 where your definition was for node 3.

Also, please paste text logs rather than images as it’s must easier to read, and can be processed with log readers which is not possible with images. When you post a log, highlight it and format using the </> button.

<11:09:03.554 [DEBUG] [b.z.i.protocol.ZWaveController:595 ] - Notifying event listeners: ZWaveTransactionCompletedEvent

<11:19:04.979 [DEBUG] [ore.internal.items.ItemUpdater:73 ] - Received update of a not accepted type (StringType) for item Weather_Temperature

.I placed items like this:
Contact Motion_Sensor “MotionSensor [MAP(]” (group) { zwave=“44:command=sensor_binary,respond_to_basic=true” }
Number Motion_Sensor_Battery “MotionSensor Battery [%d %%]” { zwave=“44:command=battery” }
MotionSensor is changing open/closed, but battery is always -%. Is this correct?

You already got an answer: wait a while and it probably will show up.

Thanks, I will wait.

… and don’t restart openhab or change your items file, otherwise the wait time starts again :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting three hours , don’t change anything , but it is still -.

Whats the wakeup interval of your device?

I wrote rules
rule "Someone moving"
Item Motion_Sensor changed from CLOSED to OPEN

rule "Someone doesn’t move"
Item Motion_Sensor changed from OPEN to CLOSED

In openhab I can see Motion_Sensor received command OPEN/CLOSED. Is this rule correct? And where can I see wakeup interval of my device? Sorry, Im totaly new in this, and everything is confusing for me.

Your syntax is basically correct, but your logic is wrong.

In the “when” part you define your trigger for your motion sensor, that is correct.
In the “then” part you define the action which should be performed when the trigger gets executed. For example if the motion sensor opens, switch a light on. In your rule you send a command to a motion sensor, that is not possible at all.
Do you have any actors configured, maybe a light switch?
Then the “then” part could be something like


and in the second rule


To configure your zwave network you may use habmin, you are also able to see your wakeup time there.

For example if your wakeup time is set to 6 hours, it could take 6 hours before you see the battery level.

Edit: for habmin, don’t use the downloaded zwave binding, it’s outdated, keep yours.

Oh, thank you so much. I already have habmin. I saw wakeup period, for my sensor is 14400 (That is 4 hours?), but I don’t understand how can I configure this actors (Light_Switch). First time I put also like this, but answer was error. Can you help me with thishow to do ?? ( “Do you have any actors configured, maybe a light switch?” )


For your light switch: just insert the item name for your light switch into your rule and it should work.
If not, post your items file, your rules file and your sitemap file here and I’m sure there will be a forum member who can help you.
Also take a look into your openhab.log if there are any errors. If you have configured zwave according to the wiki and therefore have a separate zwave.log, take a look there too.