Item Groups - can you use transformation on them

Item Group Transformation - possible

I’m trying to use proper-case (Off vs. OFF) on HabPanel dummy items tied to groups. Is there a way to transform group items? If so, can you provide the syntax for it please . . .

Group:Switch:AND(ON,OFF) gInternet				"Internet Up [(%d)]"									(Groups)
Group:Switch:AND(ON,OFF) gPort25				"Port 25 & 587 Up [(%d)]" 								(Groups)
Group:Switch:AND(OFF,ON) Heat					"Heat detection [(%d)]" 							(Groups)
Group:Switch:AND(OFF,ON) FloodFurnace			"Flood Furnace detection [(%d)]"					(Groups)
Group:Switch:AND(OFF,ON) FloodSump				"Flood Sump detection [(%d)]"						(Groups)
Group:Switch:AND(OFF,ON) FloodLaundry			"Flood Laundry detection [(%d)]"					(Groups)

Best, Jay

See for how to apply transformations to Items. A Group Item is an Item so everything you read about Items also apply to Groups.

Group:Switch:AND(ON,OFF) gInternet “Internet Up [MAP(]”

See for more about transformations and for how to use the MAP transformation.

In HABPanel, I think there is a check box that will tell it to use the label defined on the Item.

Why not map ON to “Up” or “online” etc.

Thanks guys! I used both of your suggestions.

What threw me was the %d which was counting the items which I wasn’t even using after all so making it a %s worked for what I needed it for.

Best, Jay