Item IP Address changing, losing IP address and going OFFLINE

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Intel i3/12GB/1TB mech, 256GB m.2SSD
    • OS: Win 10 Pro
    • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu
    • openHAB version:2…
  • Issue of the topic: I’m losing connections to my TV and Denon Amp because their IP address on my router changed, Router is a Huawei B315s 4G router

Hi all,
A week or so ago I had my OpenHAB setup running really well, I could control my TV power-On only and I had full control of my Amplifier, this is all good…
I haven’t started it up for a while because it’s running on my persoanl laptop, the server will eventually move to an almost identical i3 laptop to run 24/7, though when I started today the TV and Amp have different IP Addresses and I cannot control them, I have since changed the IP Addresses in Paper UI and regained functionality,

MY question is how can I set the IP addresses to refresh according to the MAC addresses of the items or maybe get those IP address to stick?

Many thanks in advance

Go into your router and set the IP address (for TV/amp) as reserved/static.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I don’t have that option in my router settings, I can only block an item from the list

You might need to dig in your router’s web administration for advanced settings. That’s often where DHCP reservations can be configured. If you google search for your router, you’ll likely find others who’ve also wanted to set static IPs.

alternatively restrict the DHCP range of IP addresses to a subset.
Use one of the addresses outside of this range as fixed IP address. Prerequisite is that your TV allows to configure a fixed IP address.

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That’s an important prerequisite. I just assumed that the Denon amp won’t have any options for a fixed IP address.

The alternative I’d suggest is to run a separate DHCP server. Pi-Hole has a built-in DHCP server, and you can run it on Windows using Docker. Here’s a decent guide.

You’d get a DHCP server and the benefit of ad-blocking at the network level to reduce data use.

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Thank you, I’m going to give all these options a try.

I should get the hard drive I need to run the dedicated laptop server this weekend and give all the options a try.

Will provide feedback