Item Issues after upgrade to snapshot 2.2 #1004

I’m pretty sure, that neither hardware issues nor setting are causing this problem. Even after a new setup and with a new power supply everything between one and 15 restarts can happen.

@sihui forgive my ignorance on this, but why would a dead node cause this error.
2 observations:

  1. The duplicate item error comes up for ALL items held in the jsondb not just a singular item
  2. At the point where the jsondb is initialised/items are loaded the binding doesn’t know if an item is dead or not

It is beyond my scope to explain this. I was referring to posts from the zwave maintainer who mentioned this a while ago.
Maybe the binding has been improved meanwhile regarding those problems, I don’t know.
Btw, I haven’t seen those error messages since weeks, currently on #1070.
I guess it is a special binding/settings combination.

Off topic: I had some circular reference errors in my openhab.log since about two weeks. I did remember I installed the experimental rule engine for testing at that time. After uninstalling it the errors are gone …

I am still seeing this issue with the latest build. FWIW, I don’t run Z-wave. With upgrades and adding bindings, it seems to get worse. I can hardly restart without the message appearing anymore. I opened an issue #4565.

In case you refuse to read through the issue on github, here is a workaround which prevents the messages on startup and furthermore fixes the issue with items not having their groups, etc:

In case all items in a setup are either provided by .items files or created vie PaperUI/REST API and not automagically by the ChannelItemProvider (which is needed primarily when activating new channels in PaperUI in “Simple Mode”*), the ChannelItemProvider can be deactivated completely. To achieve this create a channelitemprovider.cfg file with content enabled=false in the conf/services folder of the installation.

* in Simple Mode no real items are created but only “virtual” items are implicitly created by the ChannelItemProvider.

Update: the issue was fixed with #4580. Expect this to be available with the next stable ESH build.

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Hi Henning,
I discovered today that I do suffer from that problem, since I updated to openHAB 2.2.
The consequence for me is that persistence is broken, which causes multiple rules to stop working.

I did try disabling the channelitemprovider as you suggested, but it does not solve the problem. I still have the errors at startup, and items still cannot be assigned a group.

That is quite a serious problem, it makes my installation basically useless, and asking google, it seems I’m not the only one.
Should we expect a v2.2.1 anytime soon to include the fix you mention in ESH ?

Thanks in advance !