Item Not Showing

What is wrong with the syntax of the following, I can’t get it to appear at all?

Switch All_Off "All Off" <VANTAGE> {autoupdate="false",tcp=">[ON:'MAP('],>[OFF:'MAP(']"}

The map file is in the proper location, I see no errors in the log.

Scratching my head :confused:

What do you mean by [quote=“KidSquid, post:1, topic:12838”]
I can’t get it to appear at all

The definition in *.items does only the definition of the item, to let it show up in the UI, you will have to set up a line in *.sitemap.

It’s a good idea to change the order of bindings, autoupdate="false" should be the tail.

For icons it’s better to use lower case. I don’t know if it makes any difference, though

On Linux/OSX I’m pretty sure it won’t work unless it is all lower case. It might work on Windows.