Item not triggering event

I’m trying to set up a simple rule on an item event. I’ve done it with other items but I cannot get it to work with this one. The item is a cheap magnetic sensor sending a message on circuit break:

2016-06-09 23:19:53.309 [DEBUG] [.b.r.internal.RFXComConnection] - Data received:
Raw data = 091300126AE359016A70
 - Packet type = LIGHTING4
 - Seq number = 18
 - Sub type = PT2262
 - Id = 7004933
 - Command = UNKNOWN
 - Pulse = 362

I’ve set it up as a RawData-item since i could not get it to work otherwise:

String Mkt1 {rfxcom="<7004933:RawData"}

I don’t see anything in events.log when I trigger an event on sensor and my rule does not fire:

        Item Mkt1 received update