Item persistence after reboot

Hi guys.
I’m applying the (very interesting) Presence Detection Tutorial.
All works fine so I’ve tried a system restart to evaluate the global status.
I’ve noticed that only the “System started” rules are (rightly) called when system reboot whereby the “Presence” proxy switch, normally updated by the “Presence_Sensors” rule, if a present sensor persists (for example “Sensor1Person1” item, pushed by a network binding …) remains in OFF state.
Is it true ?
Is this a weak point of the solution ?
Is the “Presence” Item to be declared as persistent ?


The code in the example resets everything to OFF on System start, assuming that everyone is away. Sometime after startup one or more of the individual sensors will turn ON which will trigger “A presence sensor update” which will update the proxy Switch appropriately.

The code was written like this deliberately. On a restart of OH it assumes that no one is home until it gets concrete evidence that someone is home.