Item postUpdate

Hi there,

i have a problem with a String Item to update.

I have a Item like this: String windstaerke_max "max " (wetter)

And I try to update on this way:
windstaerke_max.postUpdate("Inhalt: "+tmp_str.toString)
I can see the right value in the debug log. But I get no value to display?

What’s wrong?

All the best

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Try changing your item to

String windstaerke_max "max [%s]" (wetter)

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I did it. Unfortunately without success. :o(
This is my Item now: String windstaerke_max “max [%s]” (wetter)
And this is the log entry:
09:20:23.221 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents :26 ] - windstaerke_max state updated to 4.8 km/h (08:56)

But I get no result in my frontend.



I resolved the problem. I don’t know why but I rewrite the entry in the sitemap with the same content. Now it is running. (why? :o) )
All the best