Item profile to invert blinds orientation

Hi Folks,

I’ve a bunch of somfy venetian blinds and need to invert the orientation value. I do it with proxy items and rules, which is not that ideal to maintain.

Yesterday I’ve descovered the profile option for items. I use the offset profile for my tempreture/humidity sensor. And my question is: is the also a kind of invert profile availible? I’ve read the docs, but didn’t get the right idea.

There is no such profile. You still need to implement this using Rules.

There’s no such profile, don’t bother searching.
But there’s a channel property to the blinds_control channel that allows for inverting control.
Access it in PaperUI.

Is this channel property also accessible in the item file?
I’m not a big fan of UI configuration.

I’d vote for a system default profile to invert RollerShutter behavior (Up-Down-State/Command and Percent-State/Command). If you’re interested in contributing have a look into this recent PR how to implement a profile. I’ll be happy to guide you if needed.

I’m pretty sure you will have to configure the channel through a *.things file instead. All configuration, which is used in Paper UI should be also available in text configuration.

Sorry, I still didn’t get it :thinking::grimacing:

According the docs of Somfy Tahoma Binding there are only control and orientation channels availible for blinds.

For example, my Thing file looks like

Thing exteriorvenetianblind 9154d2af-3abd-4838-bca4-d1e9eb68ed52    "Jalousie eins"                 [url="io://1213-3081-7374/284553"]

and item like

Dimmer          VenetianblindWZ1cD          "Position Jalousie eins [%.1f]" {channel="somfytahoma:exteriorvenetianblind:2fd3198a:9154d2af-3abd-4838-bca4-d1e9eb68ed52:control"}
Dimmer          VenetianblindWZ1oD          "Winkel Jalousie eins [%.1f]" {channel="somfytahoma:exteriorvenetianblind:2fd3198a:9154d2af-3abd-4838-bca4-d1e9eb68ed52:orientation"}
Dimmer          VenetianblindWZ1oDProxy     "Winkel Jalousie eins [%.1f]" 

Where should blind_channel be added?

Take a look into Paper UI -> Configuration -> Things -> your Tahoma thing -> EDIT. There should be an option to invert. Remember the actual name of the option and try to add the option to the thing as an additional parameter

Thing exteriorvenetianblind 9154d2af-3abd-4838-bca4-d1e9eb68ed52    "Jalousie eins"                 [url="io://1213-3081-7374/284553", invert="yes" ]

Of course the parameter is not named invert and neither is the parameter to be set to yes, but you get the point :wink:
You also should be able to identify the parameter by taking a look at the REST API documentation (Things->Get Things by UUID->Look at the response and identify the missing parameter.

Could be, that the parameter is part of the channel, then you will have to define the channel as part of the thing definition.

I submitted a draft for the suggested “invert-rollershutter” profile for discussion: