Item Refresh

I’m seeing an issue where some items are not updated when they should. I have items that use MQTT bindings for their values. What I’m seeing is that the MQTT value changes, but OpenHab does not reflect the new value. If I restart the OpenHab service then the new values appear. This behavior is not consistent in that some items update while others do not. After a service restart ALL values are displayed properly. In looking at the events.log file the entries are consistent with what I’m seeing in the web ui.

Is there a config setting that I need to change or is this a bug in OH?

I have a somewhat similar problem, where I’ve got a single ESP8266 subscribed to two separate topics (on separate GPIO pins) Only one of the topics gets displayed in myopenhab cloud. But in the local openHAB webserver, it’ll correctly display both.

It hasn’t updated since I restarted openhab service and rebooted the raspberrypi3 countless times.

I can confirm that I am observing this issue for a long time (>1y, OH2.2 latest snapshots). A manual refresh of the browser page in my case updates all displayed values correctly. It occurs for a variety of bindings not just MQTT, I guess I just got used to it, and most of my use is automated so that I do not often need depend or need the sitemap. I am not aware of anything that can be done on the user side to avoid this issue.

Try this link, HowTo: Manage OpenHab 2 configurations

I’m still reading up on karaf, so far from what I understand of the openhab2 configuration method… it reads all initial config ONCE, into its internal DB and wouldn’t read the config files again until next restart. Which is quite reasonable… however, it appears to retain some scratchy memory of earlier config that never gets overwrite with new config settings.

I just want know why it’s not consistently updating the config files every time the we tweek something, and how to get rid of the ghost memory in those files.