Item refreshing in BasicUI not working anymore (rrd4j)

Hi there,
Since i migrated to OH4 M2 i am having problems with item updates in the webui (chrome/firefox) and android/apple devices with the basic-ui.

Meaning: When I change a item on one device i do not get this pushed anymore on another device. I have to do a refresh on the device to see the changes.

With MainUI (the basic generated cards) its working fine.

I am inside kubernetes with the buildin nginx, but this was the same setup as before on OH3.

Have somebody the same problem or can tell me what’s wrong or how to debug this.

For problems with milestone builds, you should check the Milestone discussion thread and post if you don’t find any mention of your issue. It ensures that the developers become aware of the problem, and avoids the forum filling up with snapshot/milestone issues that confuse other users who lack context.

Ok, thanks
posted in the Milestone discussion build

For those who have the same issue. It wasn’t a problem with OH4. I changed the rrd4j persistence to persist all 5sec (because of an averageSince issue).
That doing results in this behaviour that the push handling didn’t work anymore.