Item related errors in logs - Attempting to send a state update of an item which doesn't exist

Is there a way to identify where these “Attempting to send a state update of an item which doesn’t exist” errors are originating from e.g. a specific page or widget etc ? Have looked at earlier post on this topic, however, nothing conclusive on them - hence this new thread

This is mostly coming from MainUI widget where those items are defined/used.
Unfortunately, there is not a real possibility to check wether items exist or not. So if MainUI opens the widget will lead to those warnings.

Isn’t e.g. droom_2 the item it is looking for?

[I had the same problem in the past, but can’t recall how it showed or how I fixed it.]

Just a thought,
but If those items really do not exist because maybe you cloned or copied them then maybe deleted the original they may be orphan links.
Have you tried doing an orphan list and or purge from cli?

As a first point to start I would look into your oh-repeaters.
Very often your first or last index does not match with an item or if you are working with suffixes, that particular thingchannel is missing the desired item (like shellyxyz_internalTemperature)

According to this PR…

… and based on your log file, you seem to be using the @-operator and provide a wrong name. Maybe even in combination with oh-repeater.