Item Semantic Class for negative Values


I currently have a channel of my boiler that supports numbers from “-20” till “0” (Temperature in C°)
Its a kind off starting offset that is editable, so I want to use the MQTT commands.

Now I try to match the channel to an Item in my MainUI view and struggle al little bit with visual changements that are out of the box.

I allready know, that I have to choose “Setpoint” and “Level” for a percentual slider (of given range).
And setting “Setpoint” and “None” / “Temperature” / “C02” / aso. I will get a increase/decrease button.

What is the logic behind this visualisations? Or is it more or less a binary decission? (so “Level” or anything else)
Just want to avoid overseeing something usefull :wink:


The default widgets are selected based on the Item types and semantic tagging. They can be further influenced through the State Description Item metadata (e.g. the pattern changes how many decimal places are rendered, you can set a min and max which would be applied to a slider, etc…

But these are just going to be defaults. If the defaults don’t work, you’ll need to set a custom default widget where you can control all aspects of the widget. This can be done by setting the “default x widget” Item metadata.

If you have more than one Item that needs to use the same widget, it pays to create a custom widget with propertied under Developer Tools → UI Widgets and then apply that as a “default x widget”.

Note it’s the “default list item widget” that is used by the Locations, Equipment, and Properties tabs.