Item.state not working after reinstall

i had to completely reinstall openhab2 on a new sd card yesterday.
I used the raspberry pi distribution.

It seems that after the reinstall some rules are not working anymore.

For example:
Item definition:
Switch lightOffice "Office" (gOG,gOffice) {knx="1/2/4"}

[ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'lightOffice' received command ON

The rules with
Item lightOffice changed
are not triggering anymore.

When i change the trigger to “received command” the rule is triggered but the state is always null:

rule "test"
	Item lightOffice received command
	logInfo("Test", "State of ligthOffice " + lightOffice.state)

[.eclipse.smarthome.model.script.Test] - State of ligthOffice NULL

What am i doing wrong? Before the reinstall everything was working fine.

In my Android openhab app the switch states are also not being updated. The switches are alway shown of, until i switch them in the app itself. Switching lights on and off in the app works. Only the states are not being updated when i hit the physical switch.

change to

logInfo("Test", "State of ligthOffice " + lightOffice.state.toString)

Thank you for your reply, Harry.
I added .toString and changed the text so that i can see that the rule was reloaded.
Unfortunately the output doesn’t change. It’s still NULL

Check with BasicUI or ClassicUI.
Sometimes a restart helps.

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Don’t think it is your rules. NULL means that your item did not get initialized and is not talking to your knx system. Maybe you want to check from the start: is you binding installed, do you have the right things definitions, etc.

Hi Markus,
thank you for your reply!

As i said: i can switch the light via BasicUi and via App. The light goes on and off. If i change the rule from “state changed” to “received command” the rule is triggered.
So i think the communication is working and the setup is right.

It’s just the damn “state” and “state changed” which ist not working.

Sometimes the simplest solutions… I restarted openhab2 with
sudo systemctl restart openhab2.service

After the reboot the state changes are detected and the rules are triggered even via “state changed”.

Thanks for the help!