Item state presentation of percentage value not correct

dear all

the state of item which should be % are not correctly presented. E.g. instead of 86% 0.86% is shown in the sitemap. Coding is as follows:

label="Stellwert Termostat [%.2f %%]"

Could anybody help on how to code the class formatter correctly?

Many thanks

Start from what type of Item is involved.

here we go

Text  		item=UG_Wohnen_Heizung_Stellwert_Status			label="Stellwert Termostat [%.2 f %%]"

Okay, you’re using a sitemap Text widget. But what type is your Item ?

it is Number

I suspect you’ve linked your plain Number type Item to a number:dimensionless channel. The mis-match causes unexpected Item updates, as 75% gets converted to 0.75 (of one).

That could well be. However, I have no idea how to correct it. For your reference Things line looks like that:

Type dimmer         : UG_Wohnen_Heizung_Stellwert_Status        [ position="5.001:<3/1/3"   ]

and items line looks like that:

Number          UG_Wohnen_Heizung_Stellwert_Status      "Stellwert Termostat"   <valve>         (UG_WN_HV)              ["Status"]                      { channel="knx:device:bridge:AKH_UG:UG_Wohnen_Heizung_Stellwert_Status",        widgetOrder="7", listWidget="oh-label-item"[iconUseState=true], stateDescription=""[pattern="%.0f %%"] }

Have you an idea what i would need to change?

Ah, a dimmer type channel. These yield percent type states. Why not link it to a Dimmer type Item?

this did the trick. Thank you very much